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Scope Miami Art Basel 2016 with Tranter-Sinni Gallery

Big renovation is starting and we will move everything away before 21.9.

You can find us from our website and our project sales serves as usual!


Sea Ohoi !

Merihelena Leskinen in Hiidenlinna, Somero

Opening Sat 21.5. kl 14  Open  May  Sat-Sun 11-17 and  June  from  4.6. Tu, Wed, Thu 11-16 Sat, Sun 11-17

 Tervetuloa!   Välkommen!  Welcome!  Bienvenuti!


 Välimeren värit                      Colore del Italia

Pe  29.4.  -  31.8.2016  

Paikka: Ravintola Hvitträsk.                Hvitträskintie 166, 02440 Luoma


ART BOCA RATON 18-21.3.2016

Showcasing contemporary, modern and emerging art, sculpture, photography, works on paper and installations, the fair will offer a broad range of art to both beginning and seasoned collectors. Art Boca Raton will encompass 60-65 dealers carefully selected by a curatorial committee in order to assure dealer quality and exclusivity.

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Merihelena Leskinen 7.5. - 17.6.2015  


Opening Thu 7.5. kl 18-21 Welcome!

除了芬兰及波罗的海国家顶级艺术家的作品外,本画廊也收藏有欧洲其它国家世界级艺术大师的私人手稿与画作,其中包括法国的拼贴画大师马克斯-帕帕尔特(Max Papart),法国现代装饰雕塑大师詹姆斯-柯伊尔杰纳德(James Coignard)以及集诗人、工匠、音乐家和画家于一身的犹太裔法籍艺术家尼桑-恩格尔等;西班牙的超现实主义巨匠萨尔瓦多-达利(Salvador Dalí),西班牙超现实主义色彩大师胡安-米罗(Joan Miró)以及世界闻名的西班牙艺术大师毕加索(Picasso)等。

11th Dimension 12.5.-30.5.2015

Anna Retulainen             Max Papart

Tarmo Paunu                   Klaus Kopu

Curators: Sari Tenni and Canal Cheong-Jägerroos

Opening Tuesday 12.5. kl 18-20 Welcome!